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School Owners

You have built an exceptional Business but there may be unanswered Questions before you Sell

  • What is your School(s) truly worth? Do you have a Qualified Appraisal?
  • Have you calculated all the taxes that you will pay when you Sell?
  • Have you analyzed all the Tax Savings which are available to you within: 1031Exchanges – Qualified Opportunity Zones – Charitable Remainder Trusts – Donor Advised Funds?
  • Do you have an SBA Loan (504 or 7a), and does it have a prepayment penalty?
  • Will you provide Seller Financing as part of the sale?
  • Have you calculated how much money you will need during Retirement?
  • Have you determined how much money you will give to Family, Philanthropy, and the Government?

At Parry Financial we can help you answer these questions. Please give us a Call (214) 618-6090

Convert your school building into an investment property using a 1031 Exchange